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Simplify, Enhance, & Streamline

Events play a large role in organizational development. Whether it be to to inform, to include, to celebrate, or to persuade their is always and end goal. In order to achieve that goal a good impression should be made on your attendees. We have the solutions you'be been looking for. Check them out below.

Online Ticket Sales
& Check-in System

We make it so you can focus on the big picture and not worry about the little stuff.


With our system we make it easy to sell, distribute, and track tickets for an event of any kind. No one likes stress, let us take some of yours away.


Our steamline workflow makes getting your tickets online, ready to be sold, and then scanned day of the event painless!


No one likes liars. With this system all tickets generated can not be copied and fake tickets will register as invalid when scanned at the entrance.


Do you have multiple entrances? Multi day events? Multi venue events? Our system can handle it all. It will help your event run as smooth as ever.



Equipment Rentals

Television Screens

Televisions help convey the messages we speak about at events in visual terms. 


Televisions not big enough? We'd be happy to provide you with a projector for you event needs.


Have a strangley shaped venue that needs to have an exit closed off? We have the fencing for you.

Wifi Extenders

Does the venue have a week wifi signal? No worries, we have you covered with our wifi extenders.

Video Streaming

Displaying a screen from a computer but want it on multiple screens? We can stream video to the screens without the internet.


All events needs computers. Whether you are showing videos, photos, graphics, or stats they are a necessary tool.

TV Stands

TV's cant hold themselves up! We have large stands to hold large televisions high off the floor so that all attendees can enjoy them. 

Line Organization

Every event that requires check-in has a line. We have line management equipment at your disposal.