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Media quality is only as good as the gear and the person behind the camera.


DJI Inspire Pro RAW

This is our flagship aerial media production platform. Capable of shooting up to 4k video in lossless RAW format, flying up to 55 MPH, and broadcasting HD video live... There's not much it can't do!


DJI Mavic Pro

Our most compact drone for great portability and keeping a low profile. Capable of shooting 4k video and capturing RAW photos, it's a very powerful tool; especially for its size.


DJI Phantom 3 Pro

Our oldest generation of drone, capable of shooting video upto 1080p HD video as well as capturing RAW images; it's a great tool that never fails you.


Canon 6D DSLR

Our full frame DSLR for great performance in all conditions. Usually used for portraits as well as video production when mounted on the DJI RONIN V3.


Canon 80D DSLR

Our crop sensor DSLR used for high quality photos as well as video. It performs well in most situations and is an all around great camera. 


DJI Ronin M V3

Our eletronic gimbal system for stable, buttery smooth video while on the move. Everyone hates camera shake, that's why we use the RONIN.


Zenmuse x5R

Our smallest camera with the highest quality output! Capable of being attached to the DJI Inspire shown above and the DJI OSMO it drastically changes the quality you can achieve while not sacrificing mobility.



Our compact electronic gimbal system. Capable of attaching to any DJI gimbal operated camera, it takes that fancy drone camera stability and puts in the palm of your hand!


Audio Gear

The quality of the video can be amazing but if the audio is horrible so is the video. We use a combination of shotgun mics and lavalier mics, depending on the need for the video, on an entirely wireless system for flexibilty.