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Through the power of open source software we are able to offer hosting, deployment, configuration, and management of a powerful collaborative cloud work space. Gone are the days of having to string together 4-5 applications to manage your communication/collaboration funnel. Now you can have all of your employees in one system with the ability to email, video conference, instant message, share files, edit documents collaboratively, and much more! Take back the control of your companies data while still being efficient with your work day. Have unlimited users with out having to worry about per user fees. Give us a call about it today!

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What is a Cloud Workspace?

It's an amazing tool that makes it possible to work with others from anywhere. You can host files, work on these files, manage email, manage calendars, manage projects, and even video conference! This tool is extremely important for businesses and organizations that require collaboration between employees, board members, contractors, etc. In an ever increasing digital world these tools are more useful than ever.

Per User Fees?

Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box all setup their pricing for business accounts on a per user basis. For businesses with a larger amount of employees it makes it very expensive to give everyone access. With this Cloud Workspace you can have as many users as you want at no additional cost. That's pretty amazing! Whether you have 20 or 100 you will be paying the same flat monthly rate to manage and host the workspace.

How Much Storage Space?

This is an interesting question and has many variations to the answer. The amount of storage space necessary varies greatly per client. If you want to be able to host video files and large images you'll need a lot more storage space when compared to a law office that only needs to host mainly documents. We try to give at least 500GB of storage space to start for all clients but this can be expanded indefinitely to meet your needs.

Can It Be Hosted On Location?

That's the most amazing part! This software can be installed and hosted on a server on-site for our clients or it can be installed in a cloud server for quicker setup and access. This all depends on the needs of the client. Some benefits of having your own server can be an increase in security for your files. But this also leads to more liability when having to make sure your companies server is always healthy and up to date.

How Secure Is It?

The Cloud Workspace is incredibly secure using functions like logging and monitoring, permissions, data retention, files access control, multi layered encryption, two factor authentication, brute force protection, and much more! On top of all of that the file sharing feature has options for password protected links, forced link expiry, hide download (secure view), hide file listing (file drop), and even more!

What Is Open Source?

It's pretty straight forward, there are two types of software in this world, open source and not open source. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. Non-Open Source software is privately developed and must be purchased in order to be used and you aren't allowed to modify or enhance it. So, Open Source Software usually has much more interaction and is always improving.


Cloud Workspace Features

File Sharing

Similar to Dropbox you can share files to people outside of your company or organization. You can limit there access and what rights they have to interact with files that have been shared with them.

Document Editing

You have the ability to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files all in the cloud! This can all be done collaboratively and worked on with other users at the same time similar to google drive but on your own server!

Video Conferencing

Hold video conferences with users in the system or guests using  a link. You have the ability to share your screen, chat, and share files all while staying in the same video conference.

Instant Messaging

Create instant messaging conversations and add users or usergroups to communicate, share files, or start video calls all from one central location. There is a mobile app that connects to the communication applications.


Manage and share all of your calendars between users on the Cloud Workspace. Sync your calendar to your mobile devices and update your calendars from either device!

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

The Cloud Workspace has permissions and specifications to ensure GDPR and HIPAA compliance on the platform. Functions like server side encryption, data retention, and much more!

Mobile App & Desktop Sync

The convenience of being able to access your files straight from your desktop or from your mobile phone is very important with every collaboration tool!

Auditing & Tracking

An activity feed that tracks all interactions with files on the Cloud Workspace so that changes can be tracked back to the users who performed them.

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