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Why is SEO Important?

In a nutshell, search engine optimized websites have ~20X more traffic opportunity than pay per click ad campaigns on both mobile and desktop. This is due to users being more trusting of organic search results instead of paid advertisements. Now, search engines are pretty smart and are only getting smarter but they still need to be told the correct things in order for the best performance of your site in its rankings. Therefore, optimizing your site for these search engines will drastically increase your opportunities in receiving organic visitors.

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What is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on generating organic online visitors with out the use of paid ads in search engine results. Search engines are designed to crawl billions of pieces of content over the entire internet and then deliver a relevant result to a search query entered by a potential customer. The goal is to make your website relevant content in the eyes of search engines like google, bing, and yahoo.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is straightforward and complicated all at the same time. It boils down to 5 main categories: Key Phrases, Back links, Link Popularity, SEO Friendly Design, and Engagement. These 5 categories carry the most importance in search engines algorithms when determining a site has content relevant to a search, as well as how high or low it should rank in the search results.

Why do I Need SEO?

Think of it this way, when you as a consumer are looking for a product where do you go to find it? Google, Bing, or Yahoo, right? You aren't alone, every consumer with a smart computer are doing the exact same thing. Your business needs to be present in organic search results to remain relevant and successful in today's ever increasing digital world. With out SEO you risk being over looked by customers who simply don't know about you.

Search Engines Need Help, Why?

Search engines are designed and are constantly improved upon to serve one purpose, deliver relevant search results to users. These search engines crawl websites to see what the website's content is related to. If the website's content is not formatted properly or off topic then search engines will rank you lower than a related website that is formatted properly. SEO makes your website content more available and understandable to search engines.

Can You Handle It Yourself?

It depends! If you are technically savvy and understand how to update web pages and research key phrases that are related to your target market you might be able to. There are plenty of resources on the web that offer help on how to optimize your website for search engines. The real question is if you have the time. SEO is time consuming and your time could be better served building and managing your business. That's up to you!

What is Search Engine Crawling?

You can envision the internet as a gigantic network of addresses on a map. Search engines have bots that travel to each address and visit for a while. They read everything, look at everything, and decide what the address is related to. Once the bot is done the site is then referred to as indexed and saved in there servers to be called during a search query. So, when your website is crawled you are being added to a gigantic database.

SEO and your business

What Does It Mean For You?

With SEO
Without SEO

The Benefit

Not only does search engine optimization lead to more website traffic but it also leads to a better user experience. This happens when you provide your audience with relevant information, related photos or videos to support text, easy to navigate web pages or a mobile-friendly website configuration. This will then lead to your website becoming your primary source of leads for your business. With a larger amount of inbound leads your Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or non-profit organizations will prosper. 

These improvements to your SEO will have related bonuses such as a decrease in cost for lead generation as well as an increased chance of lead conversion by 14.6%! That’s a drastic increase compared to the 1.7% chance of converting an outbound lead, like a cold call. To top it all off, SEO leads building brand credibility. Users find that if they can find your business in a search engine, especially near the top of the search results, that your company is more likely to be credible. This brand credibility definitely shows a performance improvement when you out rank your competitors. Overall, SEO leads to the next level of running your business and is well worth the time and money.

With SEO Statistics

Organic visitor generation actually lowers the cost of lead generation.
Percentage Decrease in Lead Generation Cost 61%
Customers do most of their research online before visiting a store.
Percentage of Customers That Research Online 81%
Increase local traffic, consumer who did a local search visited a store within five miles.
Percentage of Customers Who Researched Online 72%
Gen Z and Millennial consumers want visual search more than any other new technology.
Percentage of Gen Z & Millennial Consumers 62%
Get ahead of the competition, most web pages on the internet don't have backlinks.
Percent of Pages Without Backlinks 55.24%

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