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What is E-Learning?

It stands for “Electronic Learning” and is a digital system used to manage the training or teaching process to individuals online. It usually is provided through a LMS (Learning Management System) which manages and tracks the students through the class/training curriculum. These systems are great for companies, organizations, tutoring agencies, and even schools! These systems make it very easy to track student progression, retention, performance, and completion. Give us a call to figure out how an E-Learning system can benefit you.

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Why Use E-Learning?

Unlike traditional training/teaching where students had to sit in a room with an instructor for hours not really paying attention, e-learning helps students remain focused and retain more information, all while moving at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, e-learning is scalable and accessible, making it much easier to grow your training/teaching curriculum and give all students equal access/advantages.

Benefits of E-Learning

As an employer or teacher you can track student performance, progression, and completion making it much easier to ensure employees or students are retaining the proper information. Students are also able to access the curriculum 24/7 making it much easier for them to complete work on their own time. Your students/employees will automatically be awarded a certificate upon completion of there courses.

What Kind Of E-Learning Is There?

There are many different kinds of e-learning that serve different needs. E-learning can be used for Employee Training to ensure your staff is prepared for there job positions. E-learning can be used for Compliance Training to ensure compliance with the law. E-Learning can be used for Customer Training, kind of a strange notion but very valuable for training customers on how to use software. The list goes on but the value is apparent!

What Is SCORM And Why Should You Use It?

SCORM is an acronym for Shareable Content Object Reference Mode, which is a complicated term that basically is a set of technical specifications that were developed to provide a common approach to how eLearning content is developed and used. This approach is usually much more interactive for students which leads to a better information retention rate which usually creates better performance on assesments.

Financial Benefit of E-Learning

Time is money and eLearning saves time and therefore saves money. Instead of having to spend money on in person training classes for employees or offering hybrid courses for schools you can greatly reduce your cost by moving to a digital eLearning system. On top of that you can monetize your digital training and sell them using eCommerce integrations. Overall, moving to an eLearning system will benefit you financially overall.

How Does E-Learning Save Time?

It's pretty straight forward, the traditional training/classroom methods of educating employees/students is extremely time consuming and wasteful. Information is not retained effectively and leads to most not performing well in the long run. eLearning takes all of that and moves it online so that employees can complete assignments on there schedule so that it doesn't take away from the daily work schedule.

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