Top 10 Ways Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Website

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SEO is helpful to not only getting customers, but to stay ahead of your competitors. Here are the 10 ways SEO helps your website to rank high. Hire Consult Liquid Medium Media for the best SEO services. We will work hard to ensure your business out performs your competitors in the most efficent means possible. Remember to comment on the article with feedback!

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What is SEO?

Before we tackle the “why,” let’s first make you understand what SEO is. Think about what you do when you want to get information nowadays. What do you do when you want to buy a dishwasher, and you do not know what brand or model you go with?

You go to Google and type “best dishwasher.” Then, you scroll through the results, what marketers call search engine results pages (SERPs), and click on the website you think answers your question perfectly.

These results on SERPs, are ranked according to the relevance to the keywords you typed on the search box. In other words, the websites appearing at the top did not end up there by accident.

The owners had to invest in SEO to help Google (or whatever search engine you are using) to understand their content is about. They also researched keywords relevant to their niche and curated content based on these keywords.

There’s a lot involved in SEO, which you can learn on other blog posts on this website. Today, we are going to focus on the reasons why SEO helps your website.


More Traffic

By definition, the purpose of SEO is to help improve the search engine ranking of your website. But the point of a better search engine ranking is increased traffic.

So, why is it important to have a good search engine ranking? The majority of people hardly ever go to the second page of SERPs. It’s likely some people have never noticed search results have several pages. In fact, more than 65% of users will click the first five suggestions.

In other words, if you are not on the first page, you will hardly ever get traffic from search engines. And that’s a big loss considering many people use search engines to look for businesses and information.


Helps your target audience find your website

SEO will help your target audience discover your brand. People are actively searching for information. About 62% of consumers first use search engines when they want to discover more about a new business or product. Additionally, 41% of consumers use search engines when they’re ready to buy.

So, for people to discover your business, you need to appear on the first page of SERPs for keywords related to your niche.


SEO Target Quality Traffic

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. In other words, it targets people who are already willing to hear from you.

Outbound marketing strategies such as social media ads and Google AdWords are target anyone, including people who would never have a use for your products and services. And most customers find them annoying.

The main advantage of inbound marketing over outbound is the quality of leads. When a person is searching “best dishwasher,” they are already interested in buying a dishwasher.


Brand awareness

An established brand, like Nike or Coca-Cola, will get traffic whether or not they appear on the first page of search results. People already know what Nike is and what they sell. SEO can help achieve a similar level of brand awareness.

Let’s say you create and sell beddings. You would want to implement an SEO strategy that helps you rank well for relevant keywords such as bedsheets, cotton duvets, fiber pillows, etc. People who frequently search for these phrases will soon start associating your brand with beddings. Later, when they want to buy beddings, they might search your brand (not the product category) and directly land on your website.


Measurable Results

To measure the results of other forms of advertising, you compare look at the sales during the campaign period. That takes time. But you can measure the results of SEO easily using tools such as Google Analytics.

From analytics, you’ll measure all aspects of SEO because you can see the amount of traffic, sources of traffic, conversions, and other metrics you targeted using your SEO strategy.

Since SEO has measurable results, it becomes easy to identify what’s working and what isn’t. Consequently, you can increase the budget and focus on what’s producing significant results. Or, you can come up with ways of improving the results of strategies that are not working.


More Clicks than PPC

Paid Per Click advertising appears on top of organic search results. Google clearly indicates they are ads.

Although PPC ads appear at the top, more than 71% of searches are followed by a click on an organic result on the first page of SERPs. The most logical explanation behind this scenario is that internet users do not trust ads. They’d rather follow the recommendations of the search engine.


SEO is Cheap

SEO is not necessarily free, although you don’t pay the search engine for a better ranking. But you have to pay a digital marketer to perform SEO on your site.

However, in the long run, the payoff, which includes more traffic and increased brand awareness, is far much greater than the investment.

SEO is more of an investment than a marketing cost. Like most other investments, the more you pay attention to it, the bigger the reward.


SEO results in a website with better UX

User Experience (UX) plays a significant role in improving search engine ranking. Several SEO strategies work toward improving UX. These include content optimization, faster load time, and mobile responsiveness.

An improved UX means customers will spend more time on your site. The more time potential leads spend on your website, the more your conversion rates.


SEO helps gain an edge on your competitors

As you improve the ranking of your website, you are moving above your competitors.

The first result on the first page gets 20.5% of the clicks. The second and third results get 13.32% and 13.14%, respectively. So, if you move up, you not only earn more traffic but also your competitors get less traffic.


SEO is a long term investment

Done right, SEO is a long-term investment that keeps rewarding long after it’s implementation. Also, SEO requires minimal maintenance. Things like regular updates to old content, might not even require outsourcing. Minimal maintenance efforts will keep your current position for a long time. Also, with time the results of SEO multiply.


Your website needs more traffic. SEO is by far the best way to improve traffic. But that’s not all SEO does. It comes with increased brand awareness, improved UX for your site, and much more. More importantly, it is cost-effective, long term, and has measurable results. SEO helps your website and your business.

Do you need SEO in Phoenix? Consult Liquid Medium Media, a digital solutions expert specializing in SEO and other forms of digital marketing. We will help put your website on the first page of search results.

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